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What Is The Best Temperature To Cook Meat To?

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There’s been feuds/disagreements online especially, on Twitter about whether or not you should clean your meat but, does anyone know the criteria required to cook their meat?

Remember these Tweets:

"@CDCgov Don't wash your raw chicken! Washing can spread germs from the chicken to other food or utensils in the kitchen go," - Source: GossipThis

" @RaisingSelf I rebuke this. Where the Caribbean folk with the hot water, vinegar &lime that the ancestors who lived to be as old as Sarah & Abraham been using? Some of us just disinfect better.  Next thing you know y'all will be telling us not to season our food to live longer." - Source: GossipThis

The CDC informs us to not wash our meat and poultry but, does anyone know what they say about the temperatures we cook our meat to?

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Restaurants usually ask us if we want our food well done or not, and sometimes it seems people tend to follow the trend or the method of which they were raised which, can sometimes be inaccurate, whether or not we’d like to admit it. But the

“The FDA Food Code says that restaurants should cook ground beef to 155°F for 15 seconds. But CDC and USDA say that consumers should cook ground beef to 160°F. The guidance for consumers is different because it is simpler to meet one standard (temperature) than two (temperature and time). Cooking ground beef to 160°F kills E. coli germs rapidly.” - Source: CDC

Whether people agree or disagree with the FDA or CDC, companies like Beck & Bulow have a convenient chart that contains more detailed information such as the temperature of how pulled meat or white and dark meat should be cooked. The best part about this is that these images are printable so, anyone can staple it to a cookbook or place it on the fridge for those looking to learn and others who never knew.


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