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Want to write for The Resource Manual?

Send us your ideas. 

Email pitches to and use the word "Pitch" in the subject line. Please include your name, resume, bio, and a link to a writing sample or blog. 

Articles should be between 500 to 1500 words. Unless it is a list of resources like in this article: "A Growing List Of Aloe Vera Free Products For Those Allergic Or Sensitive To It"

We are looking for informative articles that can help someone navigate their lives better. We accept articles on the topics of love, dating, relationships, environment, health, beauty, change, unexpected things or hacks in life, money, career, home, house, and business.

All articles written must be resourceful. 

Please view the articles we have on the website for reference on tones and topics. We do not accept personal stories or essays. We also do not publish duplicates. Our informative articles are based on the intent to be a #1 go-to resourceful link for a long time.


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