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A Growing List Of Aloe Vera Free Products For Those Allergic Or Sensitive To It

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This list of brands was created to help those who are either allergic or sensitive to Aloe Vera Gel, juice, extract, or any form of Aloe that hinders them from enjoying a product.

Companies create new products often, so it's important to always read the ingredient list at the back of each product from time to time. Some of these companies listed below may sell products with Aloe in them, but they sell products without Aloe Vera as well. The products listed below covers hair, skin, and body.

Adding To The List

If you know a product that isn’t on this list, please contact us on our contact page with the product name and company website or comment below so we can add it to the list and continue healing others.

Thanks and Enjoy!



Aunt Jackie

As I am

Artic fox

Super wet hair gel

Camille Rose

Kinky Curly

Design Essentials

Ampro pro

Curl Origin

Kariya Botanicals





Mane choice

Tailored Beauty

Chocolate Kinks & Kurls

Adwoa Beauty

Confidence by Gabby Goodwin

Juices & Botanics

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