How To Shop For Clean Beauty Products

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Lots of companies like Johnson & Johnson were sued for exceeding the approved level of chemicals established by the FDA in their products. The big surprise is not the large companies are being sued, it’s the fact that the government allows them to use cancer-causing chemicals at a small dose which they deem to be “safe” levels.

If a product causes cancer, it shouldn’t be used at all. Thankfully many people are tired of this and have come out with natural ingredient products so that we can all remain well and live healthy long lives because no one wants to be sick.

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One of the best organizations dedicated to targeting this is Made Safe has treated their own certifications stamp for products, so consumers don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed at finding natural ingredients or researching products with hidden chemicals. In the same way, your medications are FDA-approved now, your Beauty and Personal Hygiene products can be approved with Made Safe Certification Labels.

They also promote using the Clearya app, which helps quickly define and research ingredients, and ThinkDirty’s website and the app also list products they approve of.

Two other organizations that have joined in on this are The Toxic Free Foundation and Safe Cosmetics. Safe Cosmetics created red list posters that help consumers identify chemicals they should stay away from. These posters define and explain in detail how certain chemicals affect us. You can also find detailed information on the types of chemicals deemed to be safe or unsafe on their website at

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These red list images can be found and downloaded at


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