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How Using New Words Can Help You Practice Being A Better You


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People ask questions about habits more frequently than you might think, especially on Quora. Self-help books are great but sometimes reading a book is just not enough. The reason it’s not enough is because, you have to actually practice making the changes you seek.

One of the best ways to do this is to use a dictionary. The dictionary has a tool called the word of the day, and with this tool, we will apply a challenge we came across from Reset Your World called “The Adoption Method.” The adoption method is a challenge to use one new word every day and see if alters your life in any way.

The Adoption Challenge Rules

For one month download a dictionary app or go to and use the word of the day feature every day. Jot down any changes in your life big or small, at the end of the month. Applying a new word to your life every day can be just the change you need.


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