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The Award For The Healthiest Ceramic Cooking Pots Goes To… Xtrema

Xtrema is 100 percent ceramic, and it’s the healthiest kitchen ceramic cookware you can find. The only downside is that the weight of the pots is not light at all. But it still deserves merit for being 100 percent ceramic with no other materials needed.

This chart showcases what their pots are capable of.

History of Xtrema Ceramic Cookware

Since 2004 Xtrema took on the task of creating nontoxic Cookware. The company and its pure ceramic cookware officially launched in 2007, and they have been in business ever since. Xtrema is handcrafted by skilled artisans in China where they use a pollution-free Manufacturing process that takes 20 days to create every piece of Cookware.

Xtrema’s pure Ceramic Cookware is 100 hundred percent completely ceramic. It contains a ceramic glaze and has a ceramic core that is dishwasher, microwave, stovetop, refrigerator, and dinner table safe. Their product contains no PFOA, PTFE, glue. Polymers, coatings, or dyes. It also won’t leach chemicals, leads, metals, cadmium, or change the taste of food.

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What We Think

We love the details and quality of Xtrema products but the weight of them doesn’t suit our needs. As a result of the weight, we returned it without testing it but had it been lighter we would have given it a 10 out of 10. However, it’s still the best material-wise when compared to other Ceramic Cookware companies that include other materials. You can buy or look more into Xtrema at

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