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Two Rust Free Dish Racks That Actually Work


Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

For years, we as humans have searched for dish racks that will not rust. So far, there have been two brands that did the job, and we tried them both. In 2015 we purchased Siliconezone, and in 2020 we bought Umbra Sinkin Dish Rack and have not been disappointed ever since.

Why Rust Is A Food Safety Hazard

Iron oxide, also known as rust, is created when iron and oxygen interact with each other. Rust is a mushy, porous, and crumbly substance that develops on the surface of iron-made materials. And as rust develops, it flakes off, and the iron disintegrates.

Rust should never be consumed because it is not a material suitable for food. So before using a kitchen tool like a cast iron skillet, metal knife or spoon make sure all of the rust has been removed. Please be aware that heavily rusted items can have little holes in them that allow bacteria to enter and those types of items should be thrown away.

How To Remove Rust From Kitchen Utensils

There are five ways to remove rust from kitchen items.

1. Vinegar Soak. Soak the rusty kitchen utensils in white vinegar overnight. Scrub them with a steel wool sponge in the morning.

2. Buy Metal Glo. Metal Glo is safe to use on cookware, knives, silverware, and jewelry. Tip: To avoid scratching metal knives, rub the Metal Glo along the grain pattern on the knife.

3. Dish Soap and a Salted Potato. Cut a potato in half, and pour dish soap and salt or baking soda on the sliced open potato. Take the salted dish potato and rub the rust off the item. Rinse and dry the item.

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4. Baking Soda and Water. Mix baking soda and water to form a thick paste. Apply the paste onto the rust, completely covering it. Let it sit for an hour or more, then scrub it with steel wool to remove the rust. Rinse the paste off the item with water and dry thoroughly.

5. Lemon and Salt. Sprinkle salt on the rusted item, and then add a layer of lemon juice over it. Let it sit for two hours and then scrub the item with the lemon skin, using it as a brush. You could also use steel wool. Rinse off everything with water and dry well.

Rust Free Dish Racks

For those who rather avoid rust, here are the number one rust-free dish racks we’ve used and haven't found any other that could compare.

Umbra Sinkin Dish Rack weighs 1.82 Pounds, measures 14 x 11 x 5.25 inches, and costs $28.

Siliconezone Foldable Dish Rack has been discontinued but if you want to see what it looked like. You can find it here on Mercari.

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