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6 Ways Givling’s Mobile Games Can Help Pay Off Your Student Loans


By now, you probably have heard of student loan consolidation and forgiveness programs… but, have you ever heard of Givling?

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Givling is a force for good supportive community program that allows individuals to crowdfund to pay off their mortgage or student loan debt. The app allows you to win cash and funds for your loan in several different ways. Some people play the trivia game, participate in Sponsor offers and others just play the daily spins basis for free.

Givling runs on the community of real people, while its owner and employees do everything they can to bring in sponsorship funds to help reach their goal of $50,000 of loan debt paid off in one day. And you are also able to snag some pocket cash at the same time. They have daily and weekly prizes that allow you to win a minimum of $500 dollars. 

Every day you get 2 free plays at the trivia game and 30 spins for queue points. The queue points accumulated from the spins allow your score to take you to the top of the list so that you are next in line to get your loan paid off.

Givling has 6 ways to earn points that can lead to a loan or cash payout. They are:

  1. Green Funding Queue $50,000

  2. Yellow Funding Queue $50,000

  3. Orange Funding Queue $50,000

  4. Free Funding Queue $10,000

  5. 30 Daily Spins

  6. 2 Trivia Games

Want to learn more or join? Then click the link and download the app and please enter our invite code to join. Because the more you play, the more chances you get to win.   

Invite code: SM37897

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