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How This Secret Hack Item Can Help Your Knees And Cracked Bathroom Floors


Photo by Natasha Kasim on Unsplash

If you ever had a cracked tile on your bathroom floor, you probably looked to the internet to find a temporary solution and found suggestions like a pile of newspapers. Recently we discovered something that works just as great and wish we’d thought of it sooner.

The item is… a foam mat and not just any foam mat. A yoga mat or kneeling pad is the best hack. Yoga mats and high-density foam mats are made with shock-absorbent padding to help elevate the pressure, so it makes sense to use them as a temporary fix for a cracked floor until you’re ready to renovate.

You can buy a big yoga mat to cover the whole floor and cut the mat to fit around the toilet, sink or cabinet areas or buy a smaller bathroom runner-size yoga mat to cover where the crack is. A standard-size bathroom runner is 24 x 60 inches, but they can go up to 71 inches as well. Or use a kneeling pad to cover where the crack is located only.

What should the thickness of the mat be?

Although the thinnest yoga mat that exists is 1/8 of an inch and the thinnest kneeling pad is 0.5 inches. We recommend you use a yoga mat and a kneeling pad that is higher than 0.25 inches to ensure you have enough cushion to cover the crack. You could always try a thicker one or a thinner one if it suits your needs best.

Side note: The kneeling pad could be used as a booster step stool in the front toilet seat as well.

How do we know?

We thought of it. We have been looking for a solution for our floor problem for a while and this came to mind one day. So, we bought it and tried it out. The renovation can't be done in the home right now so this is a great temporary fix.

We have shared some products of it below if you’re interested in trying them.

We bought the 1.5 inch thick kneeling pad because we wanted to use it as a step stool for the toilet. Also, the floor was plastered and we placed a thin plywood cutout on top before we thought of using a kneeling pad.

If you’re wondering why the plywood and plaster weren’t enough to solve the problem. Our cracked tile sunken the floor where the toilet is located so the plaster made the floor uneven and the plywood cutout created a wobbly balance issue on the floor. Adding the kneeling pad was the only thing that balanced it out. 

If we used the kneeling pad in the first place it would have been less work and less harm on our ankles. That's why we’re sharing this idea with others who might have the same issue.

Recommended Yoga Mats and Kneeling Pad Thicknesses:

The products below have different thicknesses so you can have an idea on what it would look like. Also, some companies sell soft foam mats so we wanted to highlight some firm ones so you know what to look for.

Kneeling Pads

Ergodyne ProFlex Water Resistant Kneeling Mat

Olsa Kneeling Pad

Good Gain Kneeling Pad

Bathroom Runner Size Yoga Mats

Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat 1" and 0.5" Thick Mat

Yoga Exercise Mat 24 inch x 72 inch 8mm Thick

Crown Sports Exercise Mat 24 in x 72 in 1 inch Thick

Bathroom Floor Full Coverage Yoga Mats

ActiveGear Yoga Mat 6ft x 10ft 8mm thick

Zenova Workout Yoga Mat 5ft x 8ft 1/3 inch thick

Gorilla Mats Yoga Mat 9ft x 6ft 8mm thick


Take it from us it is best to address a cracked floor even if the solution is temporary. Because a sprained ankle or continuously getting the same injury from the same problem is not fun.

Additional Option

Another great option we haven’t tried but probably works well is Adhesive Foam Padding. This closed-cell rubber mat foam padding is waterproof, weatherproof, soundproof, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, shock-absorbing, non-toxic, and heat-resistant, and can be used from a -50 ℃ to 150 ℃ environments. It is safe enough to use on wood floors so it’s probably safe to say it can be used on bathroom floor tiles.

The thickest we found comes in 3/4 of an inch.

MAGZO Adhesive Foam Padding 1/2 Inch Thick



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