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We Investigated The “Get A Free Computer” Ad


Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

“I’m going to show you how to get a computer for free, just download my $15 guide and get access to valuable information.”

That is the company sales pitch advertisement we saw a few months back that caught our attention mainly because information on Cryptocurrency varies on the resource you get it from. So being open to new information, we decided to click, explore and investigate.

The free computer advertisement we clicked on took us to a video where a guy discussed and displayed desktops on In the video, he explained how all the computers on that website are free. 

He sells this informational video for $15.00.

Although we watched the video for free, he uses the term free computer as a play on word. The computer is not free. You have to buy it outright or you finance it.

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Free means a person can get something without me having or needing to give. Financing is not free. And when you get your computer you have to mine crypto to get the coins to get your money back.

Computers are only capable of mining coins that cater to their system abilities so those coins are unknown unless you do your research before committing to one. (This information is not disclosed by this company)

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All we know is this guy is wasting people $15 to inform them that they have to finance a computer to get into crypto mining and mining crypto is how they can get the money back to pay off the laptop to deem it “free.”

Although, we did not purchase the $15 video this guy is an opportunist and we are not here to critique an individual’s business, but they are ripping people off on lies. It ain’t free if you have to do something to get it for free so it should not be advertised that way.



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