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5 Financial Survival Tactics To Take Up In An Ever Changing World


Photo by Konstantin Evdokimov on Unsplash

Remember when people discussed the importance of having survival skills? Well, no one could prepare for the skills we needed like quarantining or staying home since March 2020, when the pandemic arrived. But this article isn’t about the pandemic, it’s about how you can manage something you can’t prepare for by keeping up with new technologies.

From robots to flying cars things are moving faster than we expected, so it’s hard to know whether or not we should join in on new trends or go against them. Well, one thing in life that doesn’t change is, the quote “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

Now, we’re not saying don’t ever rebel, we’re saying with what’s going on these days, it’s best to be safe than sorry because, at the end of the day, we all rely on our finances no matter how the world decides to change.

So the five best things you can do in an unexpected turn of events are Invest, Adapt, Switch Gears, Go Green, and Upgrade. Unless, of course, you rather invent instead.

Invest- By keeping up with Cryptocurrency, even if you don’t know what it is. The easiest way to jump into earning Bitcoin is by shopping with Bitcoin cashback platforms. You can always figure out how to withdraw your coins to Coinbase ( a Cryptocurrency platform) and then to your bank account later.

The three best cashback Cryptocurrency earning platforms are Lolli, Fold, and StormX.

IMPORTANT: You are required to file taxes for minino crypto, selling, trading, exchanging and earning cash back on crypto.

Adapt- There are so many credit card and loan financial companies out there looking to lend you money for credit or loans, but there are only two companies that took these financial needs to another level. The companies are Extra and Solo Funds.

Extra is the only company that allows you to build credit without credit checks by using a debit card to build credit. It is a debit and credit card at the same time.

Solofunds allow you to get a loan from anyone without relying on a bank.

These two bank-free options can help you build your credit and have the upper hand on receiving temporary funds whenever you need them.

Switch Gears- Sometimes investing in products or companies can go unexpectedly wrong, but it doesn’t mean you should stop investing. New investment methods are created every day, like ArrivedHomes. ArrivedHomes is a Real Estate investment company that allows you to own shares of homes and receive income without having to manage properties.

GoGreen- There are indoor greenhouses, also called hydroponics gardening systems, where you can grow and harvest your food. During the pandemic, we experienced what it’s like to go to the supermarket and see a shortage of food in the aisles, and sometimes it still happens when there is some problem with traffic or importing and exporting. Indoor greenhouses like Edn and Aerogarden can help you prepare for food shortages during expected times.

There are even simple root vegetable grow bags for those who only want to harvest root vegetables.

Upgrade- To indoor Solar panels you can hang in your window or portable ones you can place on your backpack or in your car. Portable solar panels can save you in the event electricity is out

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