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How The Heroes Act Can Help Your Student Loans


In May 2020, The Heroes Act (Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions) was passed as part of the stimulus package to cater to student loans. This act allows you to be pardoned of loans up to $10,000 (federal or private loans) as long as you are considered to be economically distressed. 

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Since March 12, 2020, the following requirements needed to be considered economically distressed are: 

  • Paying $0 a month on their federal student loans through an income-contingent repayment plan or an income-based repayment plan* 

  • Or be in default on their private and/or federal student loans (270 days past due)* 

  • Or if the private and/or federal student loan was in serious delinquency, or 90 days past due* 

  • Or the student loans were in forbearance or deferment* 

If you're wondering if this has been taken into effect yet, the answer is yes and no. 

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It is understood that when a bill is passed it usually starts immediately and we receive the $1200 immediately but these two articles, one from CNBC and the other from suggest that it will take into effect after September 30, 2021. So, we beg you to not only vote but pay attention because you just might miss out on this financial opportunity to help benefit your economic needs.  




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